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Why do the amounts on Totals not match the actual tax in Sage 100?


The amounts on the Totals tab do not match tax calculation, total, taxable, nontaxable, or freight values are not as expected, and do not match the amounts as shown on the transaction in the Avalara admin console, or the Tax Details in Sage 100. 


Sage 100


  • When you use a custom Tax Class in Sage 100, you must set up the Tax Class on each Tax Code in Sage used by Avalara
  • Go to the transaction in Sage to review the Lines tab to confirm which items are left out of the values on the Totals tab
    • Note the Tax Class listed on each of those Items
  • Go to Library Master > Setup > Sales Tax Code Maintenance > pull up Tax Code "STATE "> add the Tax Class noted in your review of the items in the sale 
  • Repeat for each Tax Code used with Avalara and each Tax Class from the affected items in the sale:
    • CITY
    • COUNTY
    • ​SPECIAL
  • *If you have Tax Rules in the Avalara Admin console for the Tax Class as well, refresh those rule by changing the expiration date and saving
    • Go to > Organization > Tax Rules > update any rule with the Tax Class from Sage 100 listed as the Tax Code 
    • (Avalara Tax Code is the same as Tax Class in Sage 100)
  • Once you have updated the Tax Codes for all affected Tax Classes (and the Tax Rules if needed) go to the transaction in Sage 100 and re-calculate tax by clicking the orange A button on the Totals tab.