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Why am I receiving the error message "Error Message: DLL not registered" in Sage 100?


When accessing any screen that AvaTax is integrated with, or when trying to calculate tax, you get the error stating that avalara.avatax.adapter.dll needs to be registered:

"Error Message: DLL not registered"


Sage 100 - Standard only, not Advanced or Premium


  • Error messages referencing a dll or file registration, most common with Sage 100 Standard ERP (formerly MAS 90) NOT Advanced or Premium, can be easily resolved.
  • Here are the steps to resolve:
    • Locate the AvaTax folder in the MAS90 directory and copy it to the C: drive on the local workstation.
    • Once copied, locate register_for_com in that folder.
    • Right-Click and Select Edit.
    • Replace the text with the following:
        C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\regasm.exe avalara.avatax.adapter.dll /tlb /codebase
    • Save the change
      • Please Note: The AvaTax integration for Sage 100 2014 and 2015 now use .NET Framework 4, so please use the correct file path for the appropriate version.
      • Also, it may be necessary to specify the full file path to the avalara.avatax.adapter.dll file.
  • Once this is done, run command prompt as administrator.  
    • NOTE:  In Windows 8 you will want to locate the cmd.exe file located in C:\Windows\System32\  right click and select "Run as Administrator".  The native Win 8 command line tool does not run with elevated privileges by default.
  • In command prompt,
    • Type “cd c:\AvaTax\” and hit enter. This is the default path, it can be different depending on the path used for the install of that specific workstation.
    • Type “Register_for_com.bat” and hit enter.
    • Wait until you receive the "registered successfully" message
  • Note: If you are using multiple workstations, perform these steps on each workstation receiving the error.