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How do I resolve Error 88 "Invalid/unknown property name, no such interface supported " in Sage 100?


When you are entering a Warehouse Transfer you receive the following error:

"Error 88: Invalid/unknown property name 
O/S Error: No such interface supported [err/ret=2/0]

Statement: 677

Class: SY_SalesTaxCalculation_bus

Method: AvaSetHeader"


Sage 100


  • Make sure that when starting the transfer the SHIP VIA field is populated.

    •  It is important to note that the Ship Via must be populated from a code existing in the drop-down. Entering any random code will cause Error 88.

  • Make sure that the tax schedule is set to NONTAX - this will remove AvaTax from the equation and allow the transfer to go through and issue the related Purchase Order.

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