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How do I customize Sage 100 to add the Avalara calculate button for all user roles?


Not all Sage 100 users are able to see the orange calculate tax button and you want to know how to update the system so all users have access.


Sage 100


  • Make sure no users are logged into Sage 100
  • Log in as a user with permissions to work in the Custom Office module
  • Print the "Customizer Detail ReportCustom Office > Reports to record all customizations in case any need to be recreated
  • Run "Update Panels to Current Level": Custom Office Menu > Utilities > Update Custom Panels to Current Level
  • Click OK and follow on screen prompts
  • Run "Rebuild Customizer Log": Custom Office Menu > Utilities > Rebuild Customizer Log
    • This resets all customizations within the modules specified in the Rebuild Customizer Log.
  • Click OK and follow on screen prompts
  • Confirm buttons have been restored 


Note: You may need to complete "Update Custom Panels to Current Level" and "Rebuild Customizer Log" twice. If the other custom feature which is blocking the button from view is desirable, reverting the system to the standard view may not be ideal. Please review the current layout to determine if the addition of the Avalara button is more desirable than the current layout.

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