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Why is my Rhode Island filing confirmation not in the filing archive?


You would like to know why your RI return confirmation is not available in the AvaTax filing archive.


  • Avalara Returns
  • Rhode Island


  • Rhode Island only requires a payment of the tax amount.
    • Because of this, there will be no confirmation of the return available in the AvaTax, unless it is a 0.00 return.
    • The annual reconciliation return will have a return confirmation and be available in AvaTax.
  • For confirmation of the payment, review ACH payment traces:
    1. Go to Returns > Filed returns and confirmations.
    2. Click Download bulk returns and confirmations to expand your options.
    3. Adjust the Year and Month filters to the required time frame.
    4. From the Download drop-down, select ACH payment trace IDs.
    5. Select Download.