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Why can I not add my Missouri return as an electronic return?


You cannot add your Missouri return as an electronic return and want to know why


Managed Returns


Due to changes implemented by Missouri (MO) for filing online, Avalara requires a secondary check to maintain compliance within Avatax so that our Returns team is able to file electronically without issues.  Please go through the steps below and confirm all data is accurate and up-to-date before submitting your details to Avalara for filing.

Please verify the following information before submitting your details to Avalara for filing:

  1. Have you requested Avalara to file the correct return that matches your registration?

    53-1: This is the return for businesses that are registered as in state retailers and have physical locations

    53-C: This is the return for businesses that are registered to report consumers use tax

    53-V: This is the return for businesses that are registered as out of state retailers

    NOTE: A business can be registered for multiple tax types, in which case a return should be set up for each registration. MO does not allow multiple tax types on the same return.

  2. Verify that the frequency you have requested Avalara to use when filing the return matches your registration.
  3. Verify how you are collecting tax. Does this match your current registration?
  4. If you are registered for the 53-1 and/or the 53-C, make sure that all locations are properly registered with the State, and that all locations are set up correctly with state-assigned location information in Avatax. If possible with your connector, you should be passing the corresponding location codes on your transactions.
  5.  Verify how many jurisdictions you are collecting tax in. The State does not allow returns to be filed electronically if there are over 140 jurisdictions to report to.

If Avalara runs into mismatching information based on what the State has and what has been set up in our system, we may be blocked from filing your return online. Once you have verified the above information, please submit a case to Support so that one of our compliance tax analysts can review your MO return/s for electronic approval. Depending on the complexity and length of the return, a special handling fee may also be assessed for electronic filing.