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Why are my returns being filed as $0 when my return is set up correctly?


On the  Approve returns page, you are looking at a state that has tax collected, but the return is remitting $0. Why is this happening?

Things to Check

Do you have a location code listed on the return? Location codes tell the return to only pull in transactions with that specific location code. If your transactions do not have that location code, the return will not be able to report them.


If the transactions are still in a Committed status, you can edit them to add the location code specified on the return. Alternatively, you can remove the location code from the return so all transactions are pulled into the return, not just the ones with the location code.

  • Go to Returns > All Scheduled Returns > Pencil icon to edit
  • At the bottom of the page in the Locations section, you'll select clear the selection and save the changes.
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