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Why are all deductions listed as resale on my returns?


You're reviewing your returns and have found that all deductions, nontaxable and exemption sales, are listed as resale.


Avalara Returns


  • Due to how the exemption detail report is transcribed to the return, all deductions are grouped together as resale by default.

  • If you would like certain deductions listed on a separate line, please contact support to add a permanent notation to your filing calendar.

    • This will require very specific information from the exemption detail report such as tax code description, exemption type and deduction type.

    • Also include the following:

      • Specific form line number and description

      • State

      • Form Number

    • The notation request should look similar to:

      • Please list all nontaxable sales deductions from the tax code description Food and Food Ingredients on line 5, sales of tax-exempt grocery store foods, on my Kentucky KY51A103 returns for all future periods.

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