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How does Avalara handle accruing information for multi-month frequency filings?


I need to know how AvaTax handles the quarterly, semiannual, and annual returns when I import my information once per month.


Avatax Returns


  • The liability worksheet keeps track of the liability due in each month of a multi-month frequency.
    • If you are not filing monthly accelerated payments, also known as pre-payments, the liability worksheet will display accrual in the Remit to Avalara and Return Remittance sections of the worksheet.
  • After the cycle has completed and it is time for you to review and approve your liabilities for the return, you will see the total tax liability for the period under Period Liability Sales.
    • The Remit to Avalara amount will show what is due to Avalara for the period
    • The Return Remittance amount will show what is due and being paid to the jurisdiction for the period.

Next Steps

For more information on the liability worksheet, please review Manage the Liability Worksheet

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