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How do I add Canadian Input Tax Credits to my filing?


I need to add input tax credits to my Canadian filing for Avalara,


Avalara Returns


Input tax credits are given to businesses to recover taxes paid on purchases related to business activity. The Canada Revenue Agency has more information about input tax credits, including how to determine if you're eligible for them and what records and receipts you need to use to support your claim.

To add input tax credits to your Canadian filing in Managed Returns, add the amount of your credits in the Return details and adjustments section of your Quebec or GST/HST returns.

  1. Go to Returns > Approve returns.
  2. Locate the region where you want to adjust tax liabilities and select Show details.
  3. Locate the return you want to adjust and then click the ellipsis button (...) adjacent to the jurisdiction and select Details and adjustments.
  4. Select Add adjustments and enter the input tax credit amount as a negative figure.


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