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How can I track my carry-over credits within AvaTax?


You want to know how to track your carry-over credits within AvaTax.


AvaTax Update


  • Carry-over credits can be tracked by using the Liability Worksheet Carry Over Credit export report in AvaTax Update.
    • In AvaTax, go to Reports.
    • Select Liability & Tax Return Reports.
    • From the Report Category dropdown, select Liability Worksheet Reports.
    • From the Report Name dropdown, select Tax Liability Worksheet Carryover Credits.
    • Select the rest of the details and click Generate and download report.
    • This report can only be run one month at a time.
  • The credit will have a status of:
    • Applied meaning that is has added to your return, reducing the amount due to the jurisdiction.
    • Carry-Over meaning that the return is not set to be filed so it cannot apply or exclude.
    • Excluded meaning that the tax amount in the current period is less than the credit causing it to carry over to apply to a future period.