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How can I amend an inaccurate return that was filed during a natural disaster?


Because your company was affected by a natural disaster and were unable to reconcile and approve your data by the 10th deadline with Avalara, you would like to amend the returns for the affected period.


Avalara Returns


  • If you would like Avalara's assistance in amending any returns affected by a natural disaster, please submit a case.
    • Please include:
      • Company name
      • State
      • Form
      • Period
  • You may be eligible for an extension or having penalties and interest waived from the jurisdiction you file with.
    • If you would like more information on this or to submit a request to have an extension or P&I waived, please contact the taxing jurisdiction.
  • Because each state determines whether to grant these extension requests, Avalara cannot guarantee the outcome of extension requests or the waiver of the P&I.
    • If you have been granted an extension please include the documentation in your case.
    • Avalara will honor these terms and file your return at no charge.