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Do I need to import transactions for an annual return?


You want to know if you need to import sales which you processed before using Avalara for the purpose of filling your annual returns.


Avalara AvaTax

Avalara Returns


  • In order for us to accurately file your annual, semi-annual and/or quarterly returns, it is essential that we have all of your data and/or prepayments in AvaTax. 
  • You need to make sure that all sales which need to be included in the annual return are in AvaTax, most customers import them:
    • Import with the tax calculated previously using process code 1 and the tax amount in the TotalTax column (column AP)
    • To have Avalara calculate the tax amount, use process code 3
  • We recommend reconciling your data between your accounting system and AvaTax prior to importing data.


Note: You only need to add transactions if they are not already in AvaTax and you want them to show on your reports, or be included in an annual return Avalara files. If we do not file your annual returns and you do not need the Avalara reports updated, you can skip this step.