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Avalara Returns Service adds late-funder fee, effective August 1, 2022


Effective August 1, 2022, Avalara will be introducing a new late-funder fee to the Avalara Returns service. Customers who fail to fund their tax liabilities within the guidelines set out in our Terms of Use will be assessed a fee per section 7-f.


Avalara Returns

How much is the fee?

The fee is tiered and calculated based on the collected amount owed for your Returns liabilities.

Missed funding amount Fee amount
Less than $1,000 $100
Between $1,000 and $10,000 $200
More than $10,000 $500


There is no immediate action required at this time. Please review our Terms of Use if you have questions about funding for your Returns Services.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Question Answer
My company paid the jurisdiction directly and on time. Why am I being charged a late-funder fee? If you are currently signed up for our Avalara Returns Services, funding is required based on your terms and conditions. If you would like to explore alternative Avalara products, please contact your Customer Account Manager.
My company funds via ACH Debit. Will I be impacted by this since Avalara is responsible for pulling my funds? Yes. Funding will be considered untimely if our ACH debit is returned. Please ensure that your fraud filters are updated to allow ACH Debits to process for ACH ID: 1911995935
Why is Avalara charging this fee? Per our Terms and Conditions, clients are expected to fund timely. Failure to fund timely can result in additional operational costs and put Avalara at risk.
 Is this fee for all Avalara Clients? The fee can be assessed to any company who uses Avalara’s Returns Services for their Sales and Use Tax.
My company files SST returns. How will this fee impact us? In accordance with SST rules, fees will not apply to SST returns.
 How will I see this fee assessed? The fee will be invoiced in the month following the late funding event and will be due in accordance with your billing terms. If charged, the fee will be called “Returns Late Tax Funding Fee” in the invoice.