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ACTION NEEDED: Louisiana consolidated filers must make changes in AvaTax starting with the December 2021 filing period


Beginning with the December 2021 tax period, those taxpayers approved to file consolidated Louisiana state sales tax returns will be required to file and submit payment electronically.

Note: Also, beginning with the December 2021 tax period, the Louisiana state sales tax return for consolidated filers will include Form R-1029B, Schedule B, which requires an itemization of all business locations reporting sales and use tax on the consolidated return. This listing is required to provide accurate fund distribution and tracking.

For LA R1029 filers who do not have more than one location registered under a single Louisiana state registration ID (non-consolidated filers), no action is needed.

For LA R1029 filers who do have more than one location registered in a single Louisiana state registration, to ensure that location information is reported accurately on this new schedule, see the Resolution section below on what you need to do.

NOTE: Per the state: customers that are registered for separate LA R1029A returns for each location are not considered consolidated filers. If customers are unsure whether or not they are a consolidated filer and need to file this new Schedule B they should contact Louisiana DOR for confirmation


Avalara Returns


  1. In AvaTax:
  • Under All Scheduled Returns, make sure that the question within the LA R1029A return setup asking if customer is a consolidated filer is answered Yes.
  • Make sure that all registered Louisiana locations in AvaTax are updated to include their newly assigned consolidated location IDs (beginning with the letter "B"). 
  1. If you are creating new Louisiana locations in AvaTax and you already have transactions in AvaTax, you will need to ensure the Avatax location code is populated on all applicable transactions, and then reprocess those transactions in order to associate them with one of these newly created locations.

  2. If you have a registered out-of-state location: Under All Scheduled Returns, make sure that the field within the LA R1029A return setup for out-of-state location ID is populated.
    NOTE: For consolidated filers that make Louisiana sales originating within the state and from outside the state, Louisiana has indicated that taxpayers will also have to register for an out-of-state location, so that these out-of-state sales can be allocated accurately.

    All LA R1029A sales must be reported on Schedule B, so if you report sales from an unregistered location (in-state or out-of-state), Avalara will be unable to accurately allocate this new schedule.