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Why is the "Missing Filing Calendars" section not populating in my admin console?


You have just selected Nexus and when going into your Filing Calendar the "Based on your nexus configuration, you have _  missing forms. Click + to add a Filing Calendar" section is not populating. 


Avalara AvaTax


  • Check your Nexus Selection.
  • If Nexus has in fact been selected, check the start date for the Nexus. If the Nexus start date is during the same month and year that you are currently in (i.e. the begin date for the filing calendar is 08/01/2017 and todays date is 08/31/2017) there are technically no filing periods for a filing calendar to be set up for, so the missing forms field will not populate. 
  • You can back date your filing calendar to a previous month/year and save it. The missing filing calendars will then show up in your "Missing Filing Calendars" section.