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Which returns are included in my Avalara invoice?


You want to know how to determine which returns we charged you for in a given month.


Avalara Returns


  • Go to the Liability Worksheet Return Detail report (Admin Console > Reports > Liability Worksheet ReportsLiability Worksheet Return Detail)

    • Select the month prior to the invoice you are questioning

      • If you want to see what we billed you for in September, choose August, because we filed (and charged) August returns in September

    • Export the report > apply a filter:

      • In column C Frequency we did not file returns labeled No reg. info > Filter those out

      • In column AF Filing Status we did not file returns labeled Approved To File or Pending Approval > Filter those out

        • Those are quarterly, semi-annual, and annual returns, but not filed since we are not in the final month of the term

    • The remaining returns is a list of what we filed, and that quantity should match the number of returns listed in the invoice

      • SST customers using Avalara as their CSSP will see SER returns (column D Form) included in this list, but not all SER returns have an associated per return fee

  • If the quantity of returns filed does not match the quantity invoiced, please contact support

Next Steps

To add a return that we are not currently filing (No reg. info) please add the filing calendar

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