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Why is my tax amount off in reports?


Running a Sales and Seller's Use Tax Summary, or Jurisdiction Detail report. My tax amount does not match up with the taxable amount multiplied by the tax rate. 


Avalara AvaTax


  • Some tax codes will tax a special rate for one or more jurisdictions
    • Since the Sales and Sellers Use tax Jurisdiction Detail report separates tax details by jurisdiction, you can see one jurisdiction with a different amount
    • If you run this report in HTML format and click on the link for that jurisdiction, you can review the tax calculation by local jurisdiction on each transaction
  • If you credit and re-bill a transaction for an exempt customer from a previous period.
    • This will cause the tax credit to be there while the sales amount in the current period to be a net 0. 
  • Some states have partial exemptions.
    • For instance, California has a partial exemption for Industrial/Manufacturing. They still calculate tax but at a lower rate.