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Why is my jurisdiction override applying to returns?


You created a jurisdiction override to change the jurisdictions where tax will apply for a certain address, but when you process returns the jurisdiction override is being applied, even though you are returning sales where the  jurisdiction override did not apply on the original transaction.


Avalara AvaTax


  • The jurisdiction override (JO) will apply to any sale with a tax date that falls between the start and end date of the JO and also has that specific address (or zip code, if zip code override).
    • A sale processed prior to the JO being created could not have the JO applied (your original invoice)
    • When you create your JO it will apply to any sale that falls within that date range when you calculate tax
    • When you process a return which has a tax date matching your original sale, but there is now a JO in place, the JO can apply to the return based on the address, and affect the tax jurisdictions applied, even though they were not on the original sale.
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