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Why is my carry-over credit missing from my report?


You have run the Liability Worksheet Carry-over Credits export report and do not see a carry-over credit listed when it was listed in previous months.


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  • Possible reasons of why a carry-over credit is not displaying on the export report would be:

    • The credit had applied to a previous period.

      • Run the report for previous months to see if Applied is listed for that credit.

    • The state you are running the report for is on a filing frequency other than monthly.

      • For filing frequencies of quarterly, semi-annual and annual, the carry-over credit will only be visible on the report when ran for the first month of the frequency.

        • For Q1, the credit would show in the report for January, Q2 would be April, etc.

      • It will also show as Applied because your tax amount is set to accrual until the last month of that period.

        • If at the end of the period, the credit cannot apply, the report will change the credit status to Excluded

      • If the credit has truly applied, you will be able to see that on your liability worksheet and it will no longer be on the report for the next period.

      • Unapplied credits will be appear on the carry-over credit report for the first month of the following periods until used or removed.

Next steps 

For more information, read Why was a credit not applied to my tax liability?