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Why does the Exemption Detail by Jurisdiction report show sales in No Nexus Jurisdictions based exemptions when nexus was active?


You are looking at the Tax Return report "Exemption Detail by Jurisdiction" and you see sales listed under No Nexus Jurisdictions based exemptions that are dated after your nexus start date.




  • Transactions show in the report based on the Document Date, but tax is calculated based on the Tax Calculation date:
    • Click on the Non-taxable amount to drill down to see the Document Code
    • Go to Transactions and pull up that Document Code > click on it > note the date listed as "Tax Date" is prior to your nexus start date


Note: Adding sales to the account before saving the change to nexus will also result in this. When you update nexus make sure to recalculate tax on any sales where the nexus should apply which were created before you made the change to nexus.