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How do I download a Tax liability worksheet summary return detail report?


You see a discrepancy in the reports and would like to see how our figures were calculated on your return.


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  • To view the full details of your tax return (including any credits, vendor discounts, etc.), generate a Tax liability worksheet summary return detail report:

    • The Tax liability worksheet summary return detail report will show you the B&O taxes in column AC: Other Adjustments:
      • Reports > Liability & tax return reports
      •  Report category: Select 'Liability & tax return reports' 

      • Report name: Select 'Tax liability worksheet summary return detail'
      • Set the date range
      • Click Generate and Download report ( This report will be exported as an Excel (.xls) file )
    • Even though it isn't labeled as such, the B&O amount is placed in column AC: Other Adjustments


  • B&O Tax will be entered as an Other Adjustment in your liability worksheet.
    • If you have informed us that you have a unique B&O filing requirement, a member of our Reconciliations team will make a manual adjustment to your B&O amount the worksheet already calculated.
    • These adjustments take place between the 8th though the 10th of each month.
    • If you have any questions about how your B&O tax was calculated or why your B&O tax changed, please contact
  • The B&O tax is not applied to individual transactions, so it is not shown on the transactions in {{ATN}}.

Note: If B&O has already been added to your worksheet and additional transactions are added after the fact, or if any of your transactions have tax amount/rate overrides, this will cause B&O to be recalculated at the time of filing your return. This will either cause a pull of additional funds or a refund at the end of the filing cycle, depending on if the B&O amount was raised or lowered.