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How Do I Report Sales Tax with Multiple AvaTax Integrations?


You are implementing multiple integrations with Avalara AvaTax and need to report sales tax in AvaTax. 


Avalara AvaTax


When connecting multiple integrations to AvaTax, you will need to decide which integration will record the transaction & tax liability to AvaTax. A common multiple integration scenario is to have an eCommerce shopping cart and accounting software connected to AvaTax. Both pieces of software require AvaTax for tax calculation, but you may only want one of them to report invoices to AvaTax for sales tax returns and reports.

Most shopping cart integrations allow you to only send "get tax" calls to AvaTax. AvaTax will return the tax but not post committed invoices to AvaTax. Invoices would then post to AvaTax through the accounting software. If both integrations committed invoices to AvaTax, you might run the risk of double-reporting your sales tax.

Review the install and configuration instructions for your shopping cart integration regarding document submission to AvaTax. Be sure to test both integrations to ensure invoices are posting to AvaTax as expected.

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