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Why can't I get an unincorporated rate in my ASCII file?


I see a rate for my address on your website but I can't find that rate in my ASCII file, why can't I get the rate?


Rate File Emails (ISPI)

ASCII file


  • The rate files cannot accommodate unincorporated locations .
  • The reason for this is that an address outside of the city limit has the same state, county, city, and zip, which is what the rate files use to calculate tax, as one inside the city limits.
    • Since the information is the same, the tax rate will be returned with the city jurisdiction included. 
  • If you purchase just the tax rate file, you will need to program your integration to ignore the city rate when needed.
  • Avatax has other rate calculation methods that use the pinpoint address and does know when the address is outside the city limits.
    • If you wish to upgrade, please get in touch with your Customer Account Manager.