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What are the suffix definitions for the Avalara Rate Files?


I need to know the definitions for the rate file abbreviations. 


Rate File Emails (ISPI)


The following are definitions for the suffixes that can appear in the RateChanges.xls each month for tax rate email customers.

​All rate files get these:

  • SP = Special Purpose
  • SL = Local Special Purpose (used when we run out of SP code availability)
  • TR = Transit
  • TL = Local Transit (used when we run out of TR code availability)
  • CID = Community Improvement District
  • EDD Economic Development District
  • CD = Community District
  • TCED = Tourism Community Enhancement District
  • TDD = Transportation Development District
  • MDD = Municipal Development District
  • ESD = Emergency Services Districtz

These codes exist primarily in AL and are only delivered in special ordered rate files.

  • UN = AL Unincorporated Police Jury
  • UP = AL Unincorporated Police Jury Production Machinery
  • PM = AL Production Machinery / Used to also be in NC expired rate type


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