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Why does the liability report only show the tax amount displayed in the Sales Tax field on any transaction UI in QuickBooks Online?


I want to generate the Sales Tax liability report, but the Sales Tax liability report in QuickBooks Online does not have the Avalara-calculated tax amount.


QuickBooks Online


In QuickBooks Online, the Sales Tax liability report (Sales Tax Agency) only shows the amount displayed in the Sales Tax field on any transaction UI. Avalara does not use this field. Even after adding AvaTax as Sales Tax Agency, we do not add tax in the Sales Tax field.

Avalara adds sales tax payable in Chart Of Account after integration with QuickBooks Online, and all the tax calculated by Avalara gets recorded in this liability account.

A user can download all the tax calculation reports from this Chart Of Account.

 During integrating the QuickBooks Online account with Avalara, if the QuickBooks Online account already has Sales Tax payable in Chart of  Account, then Avalara uses the existing account.