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Why do Auto address validation and Transaction calculations occur without any user updates in QuickBooks Online?


Many automatic address validations and Tax calculations occur without any updates from the QBO account user.


AvaTax for QuickBooks Online


This issue occurs when Avalara gets a false document update event from Intuit.

Avalara integration is Event based and it will calculate tax on transaction or it validates the customer card address when it receives any event update from Intuit.

Temporary workaround in place:

Avalara has put a restriction cap on these events:

  1. Avalara Backend service will not calculate tax automatically for transactions already updated 10 times. If you need to calculate tax for documents already updated 10 times,  reopen the document and save it manually to calculate tax in real time.
  2. Similarly, Address validation will not be initiated on Customer cards which are updated more than 10 times.