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Why am I getting QBO to Avalara Exception emails even though I am not processing transactions?


You are getting QBO to Avalara Exception emails with the following text, even though you have not processed any transaction or saved a change on a customer:

AvaTax For QuickBooks Online Notification
There is a new notification for you.
QuickBooks Online Company _______  Company: : An Error has occurred while performing an operation with AvaTax. 

You are receiving this email because we are unable to connect to Intuit to validate your token or your token is INVALID.You will receive an update in an hour if the problem persists.
Thank you - the AvaTax for QuickBooks Online Team



QuickBooks Online 


  • These emails are generated whenever the system checks the license (which it does automatically) and the system cannot connect due to a mismatch in credentials, if you are currently able to calculate tax, your system is good
  • Check transactions entered around the time when the email was sent to confirm that they have tax as expected
    • If the invoice has a Sales Tax calculated by AvaTax line, then it was sent to Avalara, and no further action is needed.
  • Check your license key:
    • If it is invalid, confirm with your account admin what the current key is and update QBO (the key is sent via email)
    • If it is correct, but the service cannot connect, contact Avalara Support




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