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What is Error Message CB-211?


You are receiving error message CB-211 and want to know how to get rid of it.


QuickBooks Desktop


  • This error is triggered by having multiple instances of AvaTax for QuickBooks Desktop running simultaneously. 
  • Only one instance of QuickBooks Desktop can be running at a time.  
    • Make sure all workstations are using the same version of AvaTax
    • Go to Edit > Preferences > Integrated Applications > Company Preferences
      • There should only be one version of AvaTax listed
      • If there is more than one version, click on each and press Properties
        • Find the most recent version and delete the other AvaTax version
  • To clear the error, shut down all running instances of QuickBooks Desktop, and re-launch a single instance.
  • If the error is regarding Access to path denied, please give your user full control over the Avalara folder found under C:/Program Files (x86)
    • If you are on a server, you will need to check the Avalara folder permissions on the server itself and ensure all users have Full Control. 
  • This error can also occur from a corrupt error list XML file.
    • If you have tried all the above steps and they do not resolve this issue please log out of QuickBooks,  find the error list XML file and delete.
    • In Quickbooks press the F2 key and write down the location of the company file.
    • Go to this location and there should be an Avalara folder here as well.
      • Delete the CompanyName_ErrorList file
    • QuickBooks will force the integration to create a new error list file without corruptions or errors, once you restart Quickbooks