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How do I fix the Estimate Tax button not appearing in QuickBooks Online?


The 'Estimate Tax' button is not appearing in QBO.


Intuit QuickBooks Online


  • Navigate to and click on 'Edit Configuration'
  • Simply press Save, no changes need to be made.
    • Please note, you may need to add in your AvaTax Username and Password.
  • Back at the main page (, click on the toggle to first Disconnect, then click Re-Connect to reactivate the integration. 
  • Log out of QuickBooks Online completely
    • Close any QuickBooks Online tabs
  • Log back into QuickBooks Online
  • You will see the 'Estimate Tax' button and overall improved calculation speeds. 
  • If that does not resolve the issue, clear your browser's cache and log back into Quickbooks Online 
    • If you still cannot see the Estimate Tax button, go back to and deactivate the integration, then reactivate.

For more info, see Why is there no estimate tax button after connecting Avatax to QuickBooks Online?




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