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Why is my Sales Tax Item field blank?


The Sales Tax Item field is blank and will not let me write a value in the field for AvaTax to work.


AvaTax for QuickBooks Online


  • Set up a new service in Products and Service. 
    • Instructions on how to create products and services can be found in the Intuit Help Center
  • When creating a new service enter Sales Tax in the Name field
  • Set the Income Account to your sales tax account (i.e. Sales Tax Payable)
  • Click Save and close
  • Ensure that the Sales Tax item is reference by AvaTax by going to Apps > My Apps
  • Click Action > Launch
  • On the AvaTax for QuickBooks Online landing page, click AvaTax connector settings
  • Ensure that the Sales Tax item is listed in the Sales Tax Item field.  If not select it from the drop down.