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How to resolve common errors or issues in Quickbooks Online?


You are not able to calculate tax in Quickbooks Online due to error messages not related to the transaction


Quickbooks Online


  1. Log into Quickbooks Online as the Admin User
  2. Go to the My Apps page and launch the AvaTax App
  3. Make sure the AvaTax integration is listed as Active and Integrated
  4. Press the Edit Configuration button
    1. Make sure the Account number, License key, service URL/radio button, and Username and password are correct and up-to-date
      • The username and password will be the username and password used to log into your Admin Console
      • To find your account credentials, please see the instructions here
      • Production and Sandbox credentials will be completely different
    2. Make sure you have an entry selected for the Calculate Tax and Enable Address Validation settings
    3. Make sure AvaTax is listed as the option for the setting 'Select Quickbooks Online Tax Product/Item Name mapped with sub account of type Sales Tax Payable for integration'
    4. Select the appropriate Avalara Company from the drop-down list and make sure the Avalara Company Code matches what you expect in the Admin Console settings 
    5. Press Save or Validate
  5. Try to calculate tax on a transaction
  6. If you still receive an error not related to the customer or transaction details, repeat Step 1 and 2
    1. Press the Disconnect button (This will remove the AvaTax integration from your QBO instance)
    2. Log out of Quickbooks Online and clear the cache on you browser
  7. Restart your browser and log into Quickbooks Online as the Admin user
  8. Go back to My Apps and search for the AvaTax
    • Download and reauthorize the AvaTax app
  9. Once the AvaTax app is downloaded and authorized, repeat all of Step 4
    1. Make sure to use the Save button on the Configuration page
    2. On the 'Manage your connection and integration' page, press the Integrate button and make sure the Integration Status is set to Active
    3. Save any changes
  10. Try to calculate tax again

*Note* The functionality of the AvaTax for Quickbooks application and it's link to your Quickbooks Online instance is reliant on Intuit servers. Sometimes, when uninstalling and reinstalling the AvaTax app (or any app in Quickbooks Online) there is a lag between what you see on your screen and what Intuit has processed through their servers. If you do not see the AvaTax buttons on your transactions, please log out of Quickbooks Online and check back in about an hour. This is usually enough time for the Intuit servers to update your instance.