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How does Avalara calculate tax on recurring billing in QuickBooks Online?


You have created a Recurring Invoice in QuickBooks Online (QBO) and want to know when and how AvaTax will apply tax.


QuickBooks Online


  • Tax is calculated when the invoice is generated and saved 
  • You will only see tax on the invoices. 
    • The tax line does not appear when setting up the recurring invoice, like a tax agency would when using the native tax calculation functionality of QBO
  • If you need to see an estimated tax amount, please log into your Admin Console and go to Tools > Basic Tax Calculator or Advanced Tax Calculator
    • Enter the Billing Address and line amount(s)
    • Keep in mind, the calculation shown will be using the current tax rates for the current period. If the tax rates are updated in the future, the tax calculation on the recurring invoices will change





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