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How do I make customers taxable or non-taxable in QBO?


I would like to know how to make a customer taxable or nontaxable in Quickbooks Online?


QuickBooks Online (QBO)


  • In the Avalara Admin Console  Settings > Exemption Certificate OptionsOptional
  • ​Once you have made this change, log into Quickbooks Online.
  • To make a customer EXEMPT:  In QBO open the customer record > Edit > Tax Info tab > enter the exemption certificate number (or any text) in the Resale # field.  This will exempt them from sales tax, evenif they are otherwise taxable.
  • To make a customer Taxable:  Click the This customer is taxable checkbox.  
  • To make the customer Non-Taxable (rather than exempt):  Uncheck the This customer is taxable checkbox. 



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