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Why will tax not calculate when the Bill To address is used in QuickBooks?


You are trying to calculate tax on a transaction that uses the customer's Bill To address and no Ship To address. However tax is not calculating or you are receiving the wrong tax rate.




  • If the Bill To only is used and tax will not calculate, ensure that there is no data in the Ship To field.
    • You will need to expose the Ship To field in QuickBooks
      • Please refer to Intuit Support on how to do this
  • If the Ship To field is empty, go to the Customer Card and review the Bill To address
    • Make sure to click the Edit pencil on the Customer Center
    • Then click the edit pencil next to the Bill To address
      • Make sure the address is not all listed in the Notes field or the Address field
      • You want to see the street address in the Address field, city in the City field, state in the State field, zip code in the zip code field, and country in the Country field
  • If you are entering the Bill To by typing the address in on the transaction, also check what the default Bill To address is set on the Customer Center




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