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Why is tax listed as a line item instead of in the Totals box on each transaction in Quickbooks?


After saving a document,  the line item TotalAvaTax appears with a tax amount, instead of a tax amount showing in the Sales Tax area of the totals.




  • This is a limitation imposed by Intuit regarding access to your Quickbooks data.
    • By intent, AvaTax must display tax as the last line item in a document
    • Avalara was not given access by Intuit to the Totals box
  • This also means the TotalAvaTax line can only post tax to one GL
    • You cannot use multiple GL's
    • If you need to separate out your tax liability and sales by state or jurisdiction, please review the Jurisdiction Report in Quickbooks or the the Sales or Sellers Use Tax Summary report in the AvaTax Admin Console (Reports > Standard Sales Tax Reports > Tax Return Reports)





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