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Why is QuickBooks not calculating tax after installing Avatax?


I just installed Avatax for QuickBooks and it isn't calculating tax.




This will happen if the last step of installing Avatax for QuickBooks is skipped:


  • Log out of QuickBooks
  • Right click QuickBooks and Run as Administrator
  • Log into QuickBooks in single user mode
  • Click File>Avalara>Configuration>Connections>Test Connection
  • Once you see a success close that window
  • You should now be calculating tax without issue after saving an invoice, there will be an Avatax window that pops up showing the calculation and call out to Avatax.

If you're still not seeing the tax calculate, please ensure that the Tax Item is set as AVATAX - all capitalized. To find the Items, go to File -> Items -> Search for AVATAX, and ensure formatting is correct.