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Why is "select this invoice as a transaction's tax to use AvaTax" appearing on my QuickBooks invoices?


On your AVATAX item listing on your printed invoice you saw the description “Select this as a transaction’s tax to use AvaTax ST” and 0.0% and 0.00 dollar amount. You want to know what this means and how to fix it.


QuickBooks Desktop


AvaTax isn't able to integrate into the native tax field in QuickBooks Desktop transaction screens. Two separate sales tax items (Total AvaTax and AVATAX) are needed to process a transaction with AvaTax: 

  • The Total AvaTax item is the one that gets the tax amount calculation and lists that amount on the invoice, sales order, etc. 
  • The AVATAX item is only there to drive the GetTax call, but because it's an item, it still shows up on the printed invoice.  

Unfortunately this line can't be removed, but we can clear out the description of this item in the item list to make it less obtrusive. Use the following article for help with that process.

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