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Why has Avatax for QuickBooks suddenly disappeared?


After a CB-101 error there is no Avatax popup when starting QuickBooks and there is no AvaTax folder under File.




  • To resolve this Exit out of QuickBooks and turn off all QuickBooks and Avatax processes in the Task Manager.
    •  Go to Task Manager on your computer > Processes tab > stop any processes starting with "QB", "Avalara", or "Avatax"
  • Go to Program Files (or Program Files x86) > Avalara > AvaTax Adapter > Bin
    • The file path is most likely C:\Program Files (x86)\Avalara\AvaTax Adapter\Bin
  • Double click Subscribe.exe
  • Now run QuickBooks as administrator (Right click QuickBooks icon and click Run as administrator)
  • Avatax should start with QuickBooks and all processes should work as normal
  • If Avatax is still missing, do the following:
    • Have all other users log out of all QuickBooks companies and shut down QuickBooks, only you can keep QuickBooks open
    • Change QuickBooks to Single user mode
    • Click Edit Preferences Integrated applications > Company Preferences 
      • Make sure all Avatax options have a check next to them. If not add.
      • Save by hitting ok.
    • You will be prompted to answer a certificate question: ONLY choose Yes, whenever this QuickBooks company file is open.
    • Log out of QuickBooks
  • Log back in normally, and you should see the Avatax pop up, as well as Avatax in the File menu.