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Why does QuickBooks require write access to the site list when using Advanced Inventory?


Full access to the site list is required for AvaTax to calculate in QuickBooks if QuickBooks is using Advanced Inventory. Yet, reading the address information is all that should be required, since the users are not modifying the address.




The Avalara developers spoke with Intuit about this. Using the development tools that Intuit has made available for QuickBooks, the only way to read the site address, needed for calculations, is with full access. This is why the user must have full access. A lower level of access does not actually have the ability to read the information, at least not in a way that our integration needs. Intuit confirmed this is how their development tools function.


  • Full access must be both server-side, and on the Quickbooks user level, as Advanced Inventory comes with additional access options for users.