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Where is the Subscribe / Unsubscribe Feature in QuickBooks?


You are seeing errors related to the AvaEventCallBack.dll when starting Quickbooks, or you are errors and cannot calculate tax. You would like to unregister your AvaTax  dll and create new registration files




  • In your File menu select Edit > Preferences and ensure that "Keep QuickBooks running for quick start-ups" is unchecked.  
    • If it is checked, uncheck this option and save your change.
  • Close the Quickbooks Application.
    • Open up the task manager by pressing the CTRL+ALT+DEL keys or by pressing CTRL+Shift+Esc.  This will launch the Windows Task Manager.
    • In the Processes Tab of the Task Manager, right click on any item in the list which begins with QB, Quickbooks, Intuit, and/or AvalaraEventCallback and select "End Process".
  • Go to C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\Avalara\AvaTax for Quickbooks
    • Click Unsubscribe three times in a row
    • Click Subscribe three times in a row
  • Reopen Quickbooks and go to File Menu > Avatax > Configuration
    • On the General tab, press the Test Connection button.
    • If the test connection is successful, try calculating tax
  • If you are still running into issues, you may also restart the computer on which Quickbooks is launched, as this will clear any hidden files or processes which may still be running.  
    • If after a reboot you are still experiencing issues, please contact Customer Support for further assistance.




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