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When will I see tax calculate with Avatax in QuickBooks?


I have a question regarding orders entered in QuickBooks. When we get an order from a customer I enter a SALES ORDER, when the equipment has been delivered I will create an INVOICE from that SALES ORDER. I need to know when to expect tax to calculate from Avalara Avatax in QuickBooks


Avalara Avatax



  • This is completely dependent on your Avatax settings in QuickBooks, go to File>Avatax>Configuration>Tax Calculation> Disable Dialogue windows
    • Disable Dialogue Windows in Avatax Settings checked:
      • You will only calculate by clicking File > AvaTax > View Unresolved Sales Tax Errors, which will produce a list of documents that require further attention.  
      • To the right of the list will be a Calculate All button, which will allow the user to process the entire queue without manually having to click each individual document. 
    • Disable Dialogue Windows in Avatax Settings UNCHECKED:
      • Avatax will calculate in QuickBooks every time a SAVE event occurs (change to the invoice/sales order is made and saved, email is sent, comment is added, etc.)
  • ​​The transaction must use AVATAX to be sent to Avalara for calculation