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How do I troubleshoot address validation issues in QuickBooks?


This article discusses address validation errors and tax errors resulting from address related issues in Quickbooks




  • Quickbooks will sometimes produce an address validation error when attempting to calculate tax.  
  • When this happens, users need to check both the origin and ship-to addresses. Making sure both are formatted correctly in Quickbooks.
  • Checking the Ship-to Address:
    • The ship-to address will appear in the upper right of the invoice with a drop down menu labeled:  Ship To.
      • If the ship-to address is NOT visible:  From the invoice menu bar (across the top of the invoice), click customize -> customer design and layout -> customize data layout. 
        • Click the "Ship To" check box in the Screen column.  This will allow the user to see the ship-to address without the address printing on the invoice.  Click OK.
    • The Ship To address is free form and can be overridden simply by clicking into the address box and typing
      • Changes made here will not write back to the customer card, they are only invoice specific
    • Remove any non-pertinent lines from the invoice (attn, c/o, ste, apt, etc).
    • If the address is correct by USPS terms, but the wrong destination address, select a different address from the Ship To drop down menu. 
  • Finding and Changing the Origin/Company Address:
    • From the Quickbooks Company Menu, go to Company Information.
    • Confirm the Address in the Address field is formatted correctly (remove any non-pertinent information and spaces) 
    • Click OK to save changes.
  • If you are using Advanced Inventory, please check your warehouse site address.
    • If there is an address and it is valid, please make one small change such as changing "Street" to "ST" and click save.
      • With some versions of AvaTax, the warehouse address can be sent to us improperly and making a small change will correct this.
      • If you have a customer name and company name on the first 2 lines of the address that will cause an address validation to fail as the address will fall in the wrong fields. Make sure the street level address is on the top line. If necessary reference the  customer name in line 2. Your address should now validate


  • Note: If you have corrected the address, but are still receiving address validation errors 
    • Review the error message to find the address causing the errors
    • Sometimes Quickbooks will keep the original address used when the transaction was first saved
      • Even though the transaction shows the corrected address, the original incorrect address may be stuck in the backend
    • To fix this issue, the best method is to delete the transaction and recreate it with the correct address
      • If the transaction is complicated or you cannot delete it, pull up the transaction to edit it
      • Delete all information in the Ship to or Bill to fields
      • Choose an address from the drop down list and save the transaction
      • Pull up the transaction again, remove the address you selected, and either type in the correct address or select it from the drop-down list
      • Use the Save & Close button to recalculate tax
    • If the address error is still present and refers to the original, incorrect address used, please delete the transaction and recreate it