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How do I remove the duplicate Sales Tax line on printed invoices? - Quickbooks Desktop


Whenever I print an invoice from Quickbooks Desktop that has used Avatax Tax Calculation, there is a duplicate 'Sales Tax' line item.

How can I get rid of this?


Quickbooks Desktop


  • In order to remove the duplicate Sales Tax line items on a printed invoice:
    • From an invoice, under 'Formatting', click 'Customize Data Layout'.
    • Click the Footer tab so that sales tax appears on the printed invoice.
    • Next, click the 'Layout Designer...', move the sales tax objects down so they are out of print range. A box displaying the sales tax and the tax amount separately appears.
    • Right-click these to access the properties and make the font white. It will also be necessary to make the border white, or to remove the border.
  • Once this has been done and saved, re-print your invoice.