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How do I recalculate tax on an invoice in QuickBooks?


I need to recalculate tax in QuickBooks.




Quickbooks sometimes "hangs on" to old invoice lines or doesn't update tax after making a repeat tax call.  To troubleshoot this issue, follow the simple steps below:


1)  Change the tax schedule ID (labeled Tax at the bottom of the invoice in the tax column to something other than AVATAX).


2)  Save the invoice.


3)  Change the tax ID back to AVATAX and resave.


The same result can be achieved by adding and removing a line on the invoice.  The change in data effectively "wakes up" Quickbooks, prompting a recall to Avatax.


In some cases, tax may have been calculated using Avatax initially but the client may want to use a different tax ID.  Since Avatax was used initially, a Total Avatax line was created.  If this line is not automatically removed by changing the tax ID, simply click the line and delete.