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How do I pay sales tax in QuickBooks?


You want to know if using the native "Pay Sales Tax" feature in QuickBooks Desktop may require additional steps when using AvaTax for QuickBooks Desktop.


QuickBooks Desktop


  • QuickBooks Desktop lets you generate payments. Go to Vendors > Sales Tax > Pay Sales Tax. Avalara is listed as a vendor.
    • If you're remitting the total amount listed to Avalara, select Avalara, and click OK.
    • If you need to separate the tax amounts with different vendors, you can use:
      • Go to Vendors > Sales Tax > Adjust Sales Tax Due
  • To keep your accounts balanced, remember to reduce the amount of liability for Avalara and then add the appropriate amount to the Vendor to which you are remitting sales tax.

Next steps

For more information, learn more about AvaTax for QuickBooks Desktop.

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