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How do I make the Avalara certificate for QuickBooks reappear?


You need to activate Avatax for QuickBooks but the certificate that allows it appear




  • In QuickBooks
  • Go To Edit
    • Preferences
    • On the bar on the side Integrated Applications
    • Company Preferences
  • Select "Avatax" and Choose Remove
  • Close out of QuickBooks
  • Open up the Task manager
    • Close any process that has "QB, QuickBooks, Avalara"
  • Go to the Bin folder in the Avalara folder for QuickBooks
    • The default path is "C:\Program Files(x86)\Avalara\Avalara Adapter\Bin
  • Run Unsubscribe Once as Administrator then 2 times normally
  • Run Subscribe 3 times normally
  • Once completed follow these configuration instructions





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