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How do I get the 'QuickBooks - Application Certificate' prompt to appear when installing AvaTax?


I installed AvaTax but did not receive the 'QuickBooks - Application Certificate' prompt when installing AvaTax. How do I get the certificate to appear?


Avalara AvaTax



  • In QuickBooks, click Edit > Preferences > Integrated Applications then remove "AvaTax".

  • Go to "Task Manager" and end all QuickBooks and AvaTax related processes

  • Uninstall AvaTax for QuickBooks under Control Panel

  • Re-install AvaTax for QuickBooks connector as an Administrator 

  • Run QuickBooks as an Administrator 

  • Log into QuickBooks Desktop as an Admin user.
  • In the QuickBooks Desktop - Application Certificate dialog box, click Yes, whenever this QuickBooks Desktop company file is open, and then click Continue.


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