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How do I force origin tax in QuickBooks?


You want to know how to force a transaction to use the origin address to calculate tax.




  • You have three options:
    • In the invoice select delivery method of Pick-Up (this may not be visible depending on your invoice template)
    • In the invoice select Sales Tax item TAX select AVATAX-POS (point of sale)
  • To make all future transactions use your company address to calculate tax, apply AVATAX-POS as the tax item on the customer record under Sales Tax Settings
  • You can also set up "Site" in your Inventory Site List and choose the "Site" of your liking on each line. This will use that site's address as the ship from, at the line level. 
    • Note, you're still going to see the ship from address at the header level, you will see other ship from addresses on the line level. The site will need to be selected for each line.
    • The line level address will trump header level address. The line level address will be used for tax calculation.





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