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How do I clear my QuickBooks Error list?


You deleted invoices in QuickBooks and voided them in AvaTax, but still see a popup within Quickbooks that says "unresolved sales tax errors".




  • Confirm everyone is logged out of QuickBooks and all instances are closed
    • Log in to QuickBooks Desktop in Single User Mode
    • Press F2 and the Avalara Folder inside your company folder
    • Close QuickBooks
    • Go to the Avalara folder on your computer
    • Delete the file name "Companyname_errorlist.xml"
  • Open QuickBooks

Note: If users are still logged into QuickBooks when you delete the error list xml file. The Error List will repopulate the next time QuickBooks starts. To avoid this, all users should be logged out of QuickBooks when deleting the error list file.